Hi! I'm Emily

I'm a multi discipline, fluid creative here to shake things up!

Flora and Fauna
Wallflower Part One
Wallflower Part Two
Emily Sproson - Degree Show 2018
Plant Babies
A self-negotiated brief that I completed during the summer to practice my illustration style. I wanted to create a collection of cards that featured positive affirmations and inspirational quotes that could be made into cards and prints.
In Cold Blood - Book Cover
Live brief which asked us to design a new cover for Truman Capote's In Cold Blood for the Penguin Student Awards 2017.
Ode to an Art Director
This project focused on art direction and the ability to take inspiration from other designers and directors and apply this to a photo-shoot.
Mondrian Remake
Combining my love of make-up artistry and photography to recreate this Mondrian Masterpiece.
Comfort is... for Age UK
Comfort Cafe is all about skill sharing and learning from the people around you. I wanted to create a welcoming cafe that encouraged younger people to learn new skills from older people in their community, whilst teaching them new skills that will help them stay more independent for longer. This piece was highly commended at The Brief Case Awards 2017
Experimental Formats
Experimental Formats is all about reflecting the proposition of a text throughout the crafting and making of a book. My proposition was awkwardness and the feeling of not fitting in.
Learning Curve – RSA Student Design Awards
To create a new way of learning to encourage and raise awareness for continuous learning and multiple careers throughout our lives in reaction to evolving technology and jobs becoming automated.
It's a Shape Christmas
Illustrations towards the 'It's a Shape Christmas' brief I am currently working on. Each of the illustrations had to feature a geometric shape and the illustration had to work around this.
Constant Lighting Experimentation
Experimental shots captured in the photography constant lighting workshop.
Experimenting with techniques for type and image module.
City Poster
Final piece from my Type & Image module
Typographic Animals
Simple typographic arrangments reflecting different animal facts.
Photographs were taken whilst walking around Grasmere and Rydal Water in the Lake District. This was part of my Creative Landscapes project during the first year of university.
Creative Landscapes Part Two
Final photographs of my hand bound book documenting my trip to Grasmere
Creative Landscapes Part One
Documenting the landscapes of Grasmere and Rydal Water, Lake District, UK.
Anatolian Fast Gourmet (FMP 2014)
2014 Final Major Project ANA Anatolian Fast Food.
Typoday Entries 2014.
Stop. Look. Take a moment. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Entries for Typoday 2014.
Experimental Typography.
For my photography project 'found type' I decided to explore the type you can 'find' within everyday life. I wanted to look at techniques I had learned in typography and combine the two classes to create this series of photographs. After looking through my kitchen cupboards I found items that could be manipulated into type and quotes to fit within the brief.
Small series of photographs taken in and around Liverpool Lime Street station.
Documenting decay.
The Cat Community Radio Station Logo
Local radio station, Cat Community Radio ran a competition open to everyone from Crewe and Nantwich to re-design their logo. 13-year-old Emily Clarke, from Shavington High School won the competition and I was approached by the team at Cat Community Radio to help Emily, turn her drawing into a working piece of design.
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